The Early Night Club. Cambridge

What is The Early Night Club?

If you only ever get to have a dance at a friend’s wedding, birthday party, or round the living room with your kids, then The Early Night Club is for you.

The Early Night Club

We may not be 18 anymore, but we still want to dance. But the fact of the matter is, it’s virtually impossible to get yourself off that sofa and even consider going out once it gets past 11pm – which is when most clubs get going.

So we thought we would create our own – The Early Night Club means you can go out, have a few drinks, dance to some great music and be home by midnight, before the babysitter starts getting grumpy or you run out of steam. How great is that?

The party starts at 7.30pm (pub food available until 9.00pm – so you can be sensible and line your stomach!) and goes on until 11.30pm (the venue is open later for you crazy kids who want to stay out past midnight).

Every track is a dancefloor filler from The Killers to Kylie, Basement Jaxx to The Jackson 5, so dust off your dancing shoes and get back on that dancefloor.



  • Tricia Bush - Life In Cambs Social Group 4:22 pm on 26/02/2009 | # | Reply

    I run a local social group fr mainly single people of all ages though our members are currently mostly 30-50. Love the sound of your club idea as it’s so hard to find somewhere to dance when you’re over 25 – and most of our members are well over this but still very young at heart!
    We’re reduced to looking old in the Fez club, 70’s/80’s disco in St Ives or going to the dreaded singles Meeting Poitn discos (dire…!)
    As someone myself who prefers a mix of music and particularly latest indie or ‘pop’ this sounds great. Please tell me more…!

  • Nick Welsh 4:47 pm on 26/02/2009 | # | Reply

    Hi Tricia,
    Thanks for your comment. We started the club because we felt there was a real need for a night for people who used to really enjoy going out clubbing but now perhaps found it all a bit much – whether that was because they have children or simply felt a little out of place in clubs now that they were a little older.

    We’d love to see you and your group at the Early Night Club. Our next event is at La Raza on Rose Crescent, Cambridge (just off the market square) on Thursday 12th March. Tickets cost £5.00 in advance (only available from Sweet kids boutique on Sussex Street, Cambridge) or on the night at La Raza for £6.50.

    La Raza do really great Tapas and cocktails so if you and your group would like to eat, please call the venue direct on 01223 464550 to book a table(s).

    I’ll look forward to hopefully seeing you on the 12th.

    Nick (The Early Night Club)

  • Cheryl Garfield 10:17 pm on 30/04/2009 | # | Reply

    Hi Nick

    My friend and i are interested in coming along…neither of us are parents however…can we still come and join in the fun…?! We are 2 professional women heading towards 30 who like going out to new places and meeting new people.

    Many thanks…Cheryl (and Vicki)

  • Nick Welsh 8:40 am on 01/05/2009 | # | Reply

    Hi Cheryl (and Vicki)
    Absolutely. Not everyone is a Mum or a Dad – the night is aimed at anyone who enjoys going out but who doesn’t particularly want to stay out all night.

    We’ve just got the tickets for the next night which is on Thursday 21st May but unfortunately our ticket outlet Sweet (the cute kids boutique on Sussex St.) has had to close down due to the current financial madness.

    If you’d like tickets, please simply call me on 07818 024744 or leave a message here – whichever is easiest for you.

    Many thanks,

    Nick – The Early Night Club

  • Cheryl Garfield 6:11 pm on 26/05/2009 | # | Reply

    Thanks Nick that’s fantastic! Unfortunatley we were unable to attend the May event, but we will certainly make every effort to make the next event.

    I will give you a ring nearer the time to purchase 2 tickets…Thanks! Cheryl

    • Nick Welsh 8:48 am on 27/05/2009 | # | Reply

      No problem Cheryl. The next event is on Thursday 18th June. Looking forward to seeing you then. Nick

  • Mari 2:41 pm on 21/02/2010 | # | Reply


    Interested in coming but whens the next one??


    • Nick Welsh 10:21 am on 22/02/2010 | # | Reply

      Hi Mari,
      The next Early Night Club will be on Thursday 22nd April and then Thursday 17th June. Tickets for the April event will go on sale online on Monday 22nd March.

      Many thanks,


  • John 7:35 pm on 11/10/2011 | # | Reply

    Hi, is the night club still running?

    • Nick Welsh 8:16 am on 12/10/2011 | # | Reply

      Hi John,
      Yes, our next event is this Thursday – the 13th. Tickets are available online from
      We also have our Christmas party booked for Wednesday 14th December. Tickets for this will be available early-mid November.


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