The Early Night Club. Cambridge

Join our Facebook group

We recently set up an Early Night Club group on Facebook. Just click the link, join Facebook if you’re not already a member and then simply join the group and help spread the word.

We want to know your dance classics. Tell us what gets you dancing (just leave a message on our wall or start your own discussion) and get on the playlist.



  • Tricia 12:26 pm on 14/03/2009 | # | Reply

    Fantastic Night last Thursday team and good to meet you all- it was buzzing with great people and really varied music!!. Will spread the word and bring a crowd next time…When’s the next one? Let me know and if you want any help organising/marketing it.
    LIFE in Cambs Social Group

  • Nick Welsh 8:11 pm on 14/03/2009 | # | Reply

    Hi Tricia,
    It was great to meet you too and I’m really pleased you enjoyed it on Thursday. Sorry I didn’t have more time to chat – I tried to find you after I’d finished playing but I guess you’d already left.

    The provisional date for April is Thursday 9th, so keep checking back for more details or if you use Facebook you can join our group – just do a search for The Early Night Club.

    Many thanks,


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