Many thanks to everybody who turned up to the Early Night Club last Thursday. Never did we think we’d see the day that a bunch of Mums and Dads would be moshing to Dizzy Rascal at 11.45pm (steady!) on a Thursday night, but it seems that time has come.

Last Thursday La Raza was packed full of you lovely people, getting down to some of your favourite tunes, whether you were a bit of a Ravy Davy or a Motown Mover, we tried to play something for everyone and by and large I think we managed it.

Apologies that things didn’t get going as early as usual (we had some technical problems with the volume), but we have been assured that all this will be ironed out for the Christmas Special in December.

Thanks to Rachel our brave volunteer DJ and to the even braver DJ Matt who deals with your many wide and varied tastes on a regular basis!

Please book early for our December event (Thursday 10th December) as many many people have pledged attendance to what is sure to be a great night…work dos, girls nights out, boys nights out, mixed group of random friends nights out…why, even Santa and his Elves may even be there, but not if they don’t get in quick and buy a ticket (sorry, no special treatment for you Santa Baby or your vertically challenged friends).

Tickets are once again available online at priced at £5.50 or direct from Nick on 07818 024744, Vicky or Alex.

See you there.

The Early Night Club