The Early Night Club. Cambridge

  • 03:02:27 pm on June 1, 2009 | 4
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    It’s the last one before the Summer break. So come on…dance like you don’t care and dance like there’s nobody there. Just earlier.

    Thursday 18th June at La Raza on Rose Crescent.

    Tickets are available from Manon Interiors on Magdalene St. or Cambridge Toy Shop, Hobson St. or on the door for just £5.00. For more information, please call Nick on 07818 024744.

    Tapas | Cocktails | Music | Dancing. The Early Night Club. Get back on that dance floor.



  • Angela 9:14 am on 03/06/2009 | # | Reply

    When is the last one before the summer break?
    It’s not obvious…
    And I need it to be. Time is of the essence.
    Come on guys! Give us the low down!

    • Nick Welsh 9:25 am on 03/06/2009 | # | Reply

      Sorry Angela – Thursday 18th June at La Raza on Rose Crescent. Give me a call if you want tickets – 07818 024744. Thanks. Nick

  • Rachel Mariner 6:28 pm on 17/06/2009 | # | Reply

    Nick, I posted some song ideas on the Facebook Page. Upon reflection, I don’t think you need to be afraid of things like the Grease Soundtrack, old Monkees, Beachboys, Violent Femmes, The Replacements, even They Might Be Giants: Birdhouse in my Soul.

    I think this is such a great idea. I so loved it last time. The ice-cold readily available bottles of excellent Prosecco at £18 a bottle may have had a lot to do with it. And the tapas we ordered was really very fine. Get there at 7:30 and you can get excellent service right by the dance floor. So not only did I get my ass out of the house and out dancing, it was actually a very good club experience. I have to admit that my only experience of high-end clubbing was in Las Vegas in 97 and 01.

    Of course, when my friend Valerie and I counted the gender divide around 8:45 or so, there were about 100 women and about three men.

    But that actually is a very endearing element of The Early Night Club. Who give a shit about trying to pick up men? We are here to dance. I just thought it was thrilling to see all these women dressed up making their way through the streets of Cambridge to La Raza.

    I thought the DJ was inspired when he played Elvis and Stevie Wonder

    Umm, I also really liked the impeccable and charming door man. I hope he will be back tomorrow.

    • Nick Welsh 9:02 pm on 17/06/2009 | # | Reply

      You’re very kind Rachel & thanks for your very kind words. Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow. Nick

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