The Early Night Club. Cambridge

About the Early Night Club

The Early Night Club came about when three tired parents got together over coffee, reminiscing about the days they used to go out clubbing. Between us we had managed to make it out dancing once in about two years – we’d had a great time, but dragging ourselves through the rest of the weekend, having made it back at 3.00am, just didn’t seem worth the bother.

Those three tired parents are:

Alex Ruczaj: PR guru/harassed mother of two pre-schoolers, Joe (2) and Grace (4). Can often be found dancing in shops or round the kitchen with or without the kids.

Most likely to dance to: Jackson 5 or Scissor Sisters
Least likely to dance to: Thrash metal or Coldplay
Guilty pleasure: Don’t Stop Movin’ – S Club 7

Nick Welsh: Father to Edie (2) and the epitome of ‘Dad Cool’ (whatever that means). Talented designer responsible for our logo and website. Owns a small design company called Mono Industries.

Most likely to dance to: Northern Soul or Motown
Least likely to dance to: Anything too ‘wedding-y’
Guilty pleasure: Dancing Queen – Abba

Vicky Fenton: Party girl and domestic goddess rolled in to one – Mum to the lovely Lola and Poppy.

Most Likely to dance to: Love Hangover – Diana Ross
Least likely to dance to: Bling-y RnB
Guilty pleasure: Livin’ On A Prayer – Bon Jovi



  • alison 4:58 pm on 14/05/2010 | # | Reply

    Can you email me when the next early nightclub is?

    • Nick Welsh 8:27 am on 17/05/2010 | # | Reply

      Hi Alison,
      Thanks for your message. I can add you to our emailing list but I’ll need your surname first. In the meantime, the next event is on Thursday 10th June and the date for July is Friday 23rd. There are just a handful of tickets left for the 10th June, so head on over to but be quick!

      Many thanks,


  • Natalie 8:42 pm on 09/06/2010 | # | Reply

    Nick i have a spare ticket available for tomorrow night – if anyone wants it?

    • Nick Welsh 9:46 am on 10/06/2010 | # | Reply

      Thanks Natalie,
      Best thing to do is put a message up on the Facebook group. See you this evening.



  • Debbie Dean 4:28 pm on 13/07/2010 | # | Reply

    Hi Nick
    Is there an early night club on in august?

    • Nick Welsh 4:38 pm on 13/07/2010 | # | Reply

      Hi Debbie,
      No – we’ll be taking August & September off. Our last event before the Summer is on FRIDAY 23rd July (not Thursday as usual) – that’s next Friday. Tickets cost £7 and are available from as usual.

      Hopefully see you there.


  • Tricia Bush 10:08 am on 02/10/2010 | # | Reply

    Hi Nick & Alex

    Hope things good for you both there – Missed the last few and realised probably best to visit Facebook site for latest but are you doing another one soon?

    Also, if you know anyone interested I’ve organised a Dine & Date at The Great Northern, Cambridge on 23 OCTOBER – All ENC single people welcome!

    LIFE in Cambs Social Group

  • Nick Welsh 8:40 am on 04/10/2010 | # | Reply

    Hi Tricia,
    Nice to hear from you. We’re trying to arrange an Autumn date or two at the moment, so we’ll keep you posted.



  • Kristin Giussani 2:24 pm on 06/10/2010 | # | Reply

    Hello! I was wondering if you could tell me when your next date is for early night club this autumn? Many thanks!

    • Nick Welsh 2:43 pm on 06/10/2010 | # | Reply

      Hi Kristin,
      We’re just trying to sort out a date at the moment. We’ll post it here and on the Facebook group as soon as it’s confirmed.



  • Alexandra Jepsen 7:08 pm on 12/10/2010 | # | Reply

    Hi everyone! Could we book a date for the next Early Night Club??? We are ALL looking forward to it:-) Please please please… Thanks!

    • Nick Welsh 8:38 am on 13/10/2010 | # | Reply

      Hi Alexandra,
      Thanks for the message. We’re just trying to arrange a date for the next event at the moment, so we’ll keep you posted. We appreciate the support and we’re thrilled that everyone is excited about ENC.


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